11:00 Am

to 7:00 Pm.

If it is a group of more than 20 people make your reservation in advance. Small Groups isn't necessary to make a reservation.


4:00 Pm

Next Day.


EXIT 11:00 Am.


$90 pesos.

(Per Night)

* The costs are per person.

Here in “El Salto” there is an extended area for camping with restrooms, showers, a cabin* and a volleyball court, you just got to bring your tent and that’s it!

We have a little shop where you can buy food,  beverages, toilet paper, a kit of smore’s  and more. If you need something extra from the store please put it in the observation part when you reserved.


Reserve the cabin in advance to secure the place.


Rappel is the descent on vertical walls with a rope entwined to the body. It is a form of extreme exercise with which you can get to know new places and landscapes. Here in "El Salto" with the help of trained guides you can do rappel.

Reserve your place two weeks in advance, or keep up to date with the events that we will announce here on the page.


Hiking is the action of walking great distances on foot in natural environments. Practicing this activity helps us relax, live the experience of knowing new routes and enjoy nature.

In "El Salto" you will be able to get in touch with a Guide that will take you on a tour of the terrain. In order to provide this service we ask you to please reserve your place one week in advance.

  1. Carry a bottle of water, it is very important to hydrate yourself on the road.

  2. Take snacks, if the walk is very long and recover a little energy.

  3. Wear tennis shoes and comfortable clothes, you will not want to be uncomfortable during your walk.

  4. Wear sunscreen, it is better to prevent than to regret!

  5. Always be accompanied by someone in case an accident happens, besides it is better to enjoy the experience with someone else, as they say, the more the merrier!



If you feel like having a picnic, a barbecue or a hamburger with your family and friends, come to "El salto" here you can make use of our grills.

We recommend you arrive early to find the barbecue grill free.

If you want to reserve the area to celebrate a birthday, a wedding, quinceanera or some other event, book from 2 weeks to two months in advance according to the event.